Anorexia nervosa is recognized as an eating and psychological disorder which has some terrible effects and symptoms. Most of these symptoms are noticeable quite clearly and that is why the treatment must be initiated as it’s earliest. The impact of these signs and symptoms of Anorexia nervosa can be noticed in the physical as well as in the psychological aspects.

The following discussion will reveal all the necessary signs and symptoms of the disease called Anorexia nervosa. 

These symptoms are also being discussed as action and feeling impacts which can be noticed whenever the affected person starts behaving in abnormal manner.

The symptoms include:

  • The patient suffers from unknown fear for adding more weight to the body
  • This fear obviously makes the person restrict himself from eating anything that contains fats and other fatty ingredients.
  • He starts taking too much exercise just to avoid adding more weight to the body. This excessive amount of exercises can be even worse for the overall condition of the body.

Physical symptoms

Physical symptoms are more distinctive in most of the people who are affected with Anorexia nervosa. 

As per the available sources and information about the disease, people show the following symptoms in most of the cases:

  • The body becomes bulky due to the addition of huge quantity of fat inside the body.
  • The weight of the body shows abnormal tendencies as it fluctuates quite amazingly.
  • As girls of adolescence suffer from this disease so they face problems in the menstrual period which is a clear sign of ill-health.
  • They grow with improper breast which gives a poor look to the entire personality of the girls. This symptom lays a highly negative impact upon the mind and soul of the girls as full-grown breast is a sign of perfect growth of their body.
  • The temperature of the body also changes frequently and they have a temperature below the normal body temperature
  • The hair becomes thin and the nails become brittle at times which us something highly shocking to the girls in most of the cases.

These signs and symptoms are seen in almost all the patients suffering from Anorexia nervosa. The people living with the patients of the disease must try to notice them so that they can take the proper care of them and help them to get rid of the disease at their earliest.